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 TABLE MANNERS production has been turned into a novel - officially released on 30th April 2020...Read the backstory of the wonderful characters and meet many of the others not mentioned in the stage production.  Check it out here order your personal copy:  Table Manners the novel

IN 2017... 2 new Productions:  SECOND HALF of 2017   opening in October: 

- Ladies Who almost Lunch - a comedy drama with Original music.   6 performances over 2 weekends:  
 Friday 20th October 8pm / Sat 21st 2pm + 8pm....Friday 27th October 8pm / Sat 28th Oct 2pm + 8pm   Ladies Who Almost Lunch

FIRST HALF of 2017
 New Production- WALLYCOM - a parody on the love/hate affair that most of us have with technology. Cast of 8  featuring:  Gerry and Eric Vero; David Benge; Jenni Hayes; Beth Traynor; Rob Byrne; Sam Lawrence; Russ Redford; Guitarist; Peter Farrell.  With original music by Maureen O'Brien. 
An outright parody of the telecommunication industry;  The industry that has driven us all to the brink of insanity at some point in our lives as we attempt to get a handle on a new world of electronic communication that changes the game, constantly. 
Whether it be trying to grapple with a new Computer, iPad, phone, iPhone, Bluetooth, or even a bloody tv remote!, we can all relate to the frustration of learning new technology. 
......THEN, there’s the people we encounter! – the Call Centre, the Help Desk, the phone salesmen, the telemarketers, and on it goes.  
In this production, we’ll take a cross-section of characters  in a fictional company – from the Call Centre, the Help Desk, the field Staff, and management – plus a hapless householder, walk them all through a series of experiences and interactions, throw in a corporate re-shuffle, add a twist to finish, and voila!  A 2-act Play  of pure farce ... with a bit of song thrown in for good measure!    OPENS JUNE 28 / Discounted tickets available online from April:
  SECOND HALF OF 2016:  
New Production - TABLE MANNERS - small cast comi/drama with original music - opening September for 5 performances [16,17,23,24, + matinee on 25]  at The Dungeon, Adamstown.  Table Manners  is a Comedy/Drama with Original music, set in a restaurant where  six characters meet, interact,  reveal, discover, and resolve.     
The Cast:  *Karen Hall plays Jasmine, the owner/manager of the piano bar and restaurant  *Marise Wilson plays Jane who got a life sentence married to recently retired Cyril *Harold Von Finster plays Cyril the long-suffering husband  *Grant Bailey plays  Flick a greedy property developer  *Cherie McKinnon plays Sydney a young woman in search of love,  and newcomer, David Benge plays Arthur the man with many 'senior' moments.
......The central character is Jasmine who has accepted her life choices with good grace.  Audiences will enjoy getting to know her, and Jane – who is reflecting on having her newly retired husband underfoot... constantly!  Whilst they may grit their teeth at Flick, they could feel like giving Cyril a good shake!  Meanwhile, they might want to give Sydney a big hug and a darn good talking to!  And then there’s Arthur!  Ahh, how to describe Arthur.  Guess you’re just going to have to figure that out between laughs.
....Online Ticket sales open in early August at with a discounted price for online pre-purchased tickets.  [Tix at the door are $30]
  ##NOTE  this production has now grown to a published novel, released in April 2020

IN 2016:   New Production beginning November 2015 to open March 2016  
a gangster spoof, musical comedy. Swing by its own Blog to check it out
IN 2014:
see Upstairz Downstairz page  and Between the Lines page


IN 2013: MONEY HONEY at Theatre On Brunker, Adamstown
...MONEY HONEY is a musical adventure through the money maze.  Pearl and Shirl are a pair of cleaners in a Brokerage House with a talent for sniffing out secrets - mostly through their well-honed snooping skills.  They're determined to find out how to get rich and embark on a journey of discovery.  However, what they find in their travels - which involves a series of observed 'live' tableaux - is that they're in a minefield of stereotypical, farcical, characters and experiences that leave them shaking their head/s in disbelief, disquiet, and downright disgust! 
A nonsensical romp filled with laughs and some cracking money songs, the Novocastrian Players strut their stuff demonstrating a wealth of stage experience and a glorious sense of fun.  The director's inclusive casting style provides opportunities for members of the cast to shine in small ensembles as well as full-cast scenes.

Dinner/Show or Show only ~ Bookings essential ~ 49561263 THIS SEASON HAS NOW FINISHED 

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