Friday, May 18, 2012

New Arrival Duly Christened

Made it!  After 12 months and 1 week, album No. 6 -  UnderCovered - is finally uncovered, christened, and welcomed into the family.  And typically, being the youngest of the brood,  there was no big flashy 'do' for this baby.  Rather, it was celebrated by a private gathering of close rellies and friends who  duly and appropriately 'wet the baby's head'.

A fitting welcome for this album because it has an authenticity about it - almost, a sense of homecoming, being back where the music belongs.  As I shared the journey with our guests at last night's function, UnderCovered is like listening to the songs in an intimate acoustic setting with some great muso's jamming along.  Here's roughly how the trail has wound its way 'home':

Album No. 1 ~ Breaking the Habit ~ an 'achievement' album with my Acappella group "Glass Slipper"
Album No. 2 ~ Many Shades of Blue ~ my first solo 'creation' exploring my taste for Blues
Album No. 3 ~ Luminous ~ my 'Art' album {every artist must do at least one!} exploring the flavours of orchestral sounds in my songs...big sounds...big ambitions....big dollars!
Album No. 4 ~ Borderless  ~ a 'project' album and discovering Robbie Long's studio - this album was where I learned that you could achieve a perfectly respectable recording without breaking the bank
Album No. 5 ~ Ebb & Flow ~ ...a 'breaking new ground' sound heavily influenced by the music of the 3 wonderful young musicians from Brisbane - a young, edgy sound.  {it was also the rebound album - 'get stuft, I can do this myself and I don't need you!  yeh, friends and live gig audiences will know the story}
Album No. 6 ~ UnderCovered~ this is the one where I'm totally comfortable in my skin of songwriter - no other influences, no other styles/sounds to explore, just letting the songs tell the stories and stand tall in their own right. 

So the songs and the sounds are back 'home', to my roots.  The songs have nothing to prove.  They -and I - are quietly confident and at peace.  This is a good place, and a good space to be.  This is an album you will want in your collection.