Monday, October 12, 2015

Roundup Time

Well, this month sees the end of my Theme shows for the year ...and wow, what a year it's been!  I begin production for my new Theatre work at the beginning of November and that's going to be an intense focus until the show opens in March.  {you can get a sneak preview here: Shhhhhh!}
with Steve Cowley and Dave Pudney at The Dungeon

There have been more highs and very few lows during 2015.  It's been such a joy working with the amazing musicians that have joined me onstage this year.  And haven't we tripped down some lanes remembering some great music!
If you missed some of the shows, you might get a chance to see a couple of them next year thanks to one or two great supportive venues.  Speaking of which, I'm truly appreciative of those venues who support quality live music AND look after their musicians too as increasingly, venues are getting greedier at the expense of their entertainers.

And one of the fascinating things that have raised my curiosity this year is watching people at a live gig peruse the CD's and replace them.  I watch them reading the jacket - looking for a familiar track perhaps?  Something that they know.  Indie songwriters rarely record covers of other songs - what's the point?  There's a full article about this on my website ...if you'd like to read more click on the link here: Try the Jacket for Size
So if you've been part of the audience this year .....THANK YOU for coming along to support independent local music and I look forward to sharing some new musical journeys and experiences in the next year.