Monday, November 2, 2015

Cruisin' into silly season

If you're working or living in the Newcastle city and surrounds I've got a great idea for a November Hump Day .... Wednesday 18th Nov ....from 6-9 ...I'm doing a cruisy duo with the oh-so-fabulous Master guitarist Steve Cowley. 
What a great way to wind down after a mid-week working day, chill out with a couple of drinks, enjoy some delicious food, and kick back to some fabulous music...someone else does the dishes and you can groove home for an early night of peaceful slumber.

We're doing an evening of "through the cracks" - some songs that I DIDN'T get to play this year [oh, well ok ...and a couple of favourites that I didn't get to play enough!]  Some rare pieces, and plenty of Originals [cos I've been so busy playing covers this year that I haven't played my own music since - FOREVER!] ... and some delicious instrumentals from Steve - cos he doesn't get to play his favourite pieces much either!

So, if you've been to any of my shows at The Dungeon this year, you're likely to have seen/heard Steve playing and undoubtedly have been blown away by one of Newcastle's best kept secrets.   shhhhhh ...if the rest of the country finds out I may never get to play with him again!  I don't often get the chance to duo with Steve so this is a rare treat - you AND I - are going to enjoy.

We're playing at the new FogHorn Brewhouse at 218 King Street Newcastle ....there's no cover charge, the beer I'm told is amazing and so much variety, the food is getting the thumbs-up all 'round ... and you KNOW the music is going to be just up your street!  Again, its Wednesday 18th November at 6pm
Join us, why don't you?  No reason to say no.