Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Oh Dearie Me!!
What a start to 2011......trapped in the Queensland flood, a traumatic escape, devastation for my son, and we're all still trying to come to terms with the experience and the fall out.

Is it any wonder that I'm lacking inspiration right now?

Funny, but everyone says "oh, there'll be a great song out of this, won't there?" Yet that's the last thing I feel like doing.
Fortunately, I'd finished a couple of songs during December - when I took a much needed break after a very heavy 2010 - planning to be back in the studio for recording in January.   Well, with the studio dates set for late January, the floods put a stop to that too!  So those new songs will have to remain as live-performance-only for the time being.

I'm back in SE Queensland in late March for a short tour and a series of small gigs so if you're around the Brisbane area and want to come along to one or two, just let me know.   Here's a brief look at a couple of the newies that I'll be sharing - and eventually recording:
  • Cover Your Load - purely for laughs....about getting caught short on a road trip - we've all done it!
  • Day is Done - a ballsy blues with guts
  • Wasting Time - a funky little number
  • All Dressed Up - a quirky tale of love's revenge
  • Granny Hell- yeh, I said I'd never record it but I will - shhhh, don't tell!
Hope to see you at a gig soon. the way....for those of you in the Newcastle area who have been wondering when I'm going to get around to delivering the Borderless project here - it's coming to the Royal Exchange Theatre in Bolton Street on Wednesday Night March 16 (that's St Pat's Eve - appropriate for a show about Irish female settlement in Australia, eh?)