Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paint my world Pink!

Golly gosh!  There's so many musical initiatives happening round here lately that it's hard even for ME to keep up with it all.  Some of the highlights though, over the last month have been;

  • Finished recording the new album and decided on a title.  Dollars are so tight though that I've had to opt for doing my own album artwork rather than hire the person I wanted to do it for me.  I've also had to defer getting the first run done until I've got a few more shekels in the bank!  sigh!  the life of an impoverished muso - always new challenges!
  • the Women Upfront concert last Saturday night - which was also a fundraiser for Heart Magazine Heart Magazine - was a winner!  It was just great to see so many women performers up there putting their work forward.  It was a great turnout ...and wonder of wonders, I had so many helpers that everything just ran like clockwork.  No stress for me!!  Did a few songs of the new album and got great response [and that's always satisfying]
  • and the new chorus group that I'm coaching - Found - also found their voices on Saturday night and put in a "pearler" of a performance.  There's so much work that goes into pulling such a group together but it is SO satisfying.  And they're a great bunch of people - weekly rehearsals are always a hoot.
So in the next issue, I want to share more with you about the new album ....some of the songs and the stories .... and test out the cover piccie!  So stand by - you might win a copy of the new recording.

In the meantime, it's head down tail up working on the next projects - the Multifaith Concert which I'm organising in Newcastle for Mattara next week;  the Folk In Broke festival is only a matter of weeks away - see more at Folk in Broke festival; the next Savoy Supper Club is going to be just a top night - check the blog in the next few days for new info on that -  Savoy Supper Club ;  as well as 2 new shows coming up at the Royal Exchange theatre in December "Krackers"  - check it out at Royal Exchange Salon Theatre Newcastle  .  Gee I might even catch up on some sleep after Christmas!

ciao bella!