Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspired, Creative, and Blessed

This stunningly beautiful weather as we move into Spring is certainly inspiring! And there's lots to get inspired about right now too. 
   I'm working on writing this year's Christmas show - check out the Projects page - getting the scripts finalised, the music sorted, and creating the set (some challenges there!)
   I've also agreed to become the new director for Novocastrian Players - a local theatre troupe with a 40+year history.  It means I'm writing a new show for them and doing the prep for its production in mid 2013. I'm looking forward to working with such an experienced troupe.
   With 2 shows to write, I've been heading off to the beach for inspiration - and this glorious weather is helping the process.
   At the same time, I'm working with a new backing singer - Kathy Clarke - who has a stunning voice although next to no performance experience.  But it's joyful to be able to share the skills and knowledge with her and watch her develop her skill set.  It's been some 12 years since I've had a singing partner (it took me a loooong time to get over the loss of Jules!...hint hint Jules - are you ready to get back into harness yet?)
   And on top of that, I loved working with Anousha Victoire on the Petticoat Pioneers project....she obviously enjoyed the work too because she's asked me to form a new duo with her.  We're also working on another project similar to Petticoat's.  So I'm excited to see what 2013 will bring.

Being immersed in the creative world of music is truly a blessing. I look around me at a world gone mad; where greed is the new god; where suicide is rising because people can't cope with life; where humanity and community are foreign words to those who hold power; and I know that the Grace of Creativity is where I find my centre. I'm thankful every day for the blessing of family, music, and creative inspirational friends.