Sunday, April 6, 2014

Halos and Horns

The new show  
Upstairz Downstairz 

opened with a flourish on Saturday evening to a delightfully responsive audience.  A fine review published in Monday's Newcastle Herald is most satisfying.  Congratulations and thanks to a great Cast who worked hard to get it successfully launched.

For a writer, it's a most extraordinary experience to have your story come to life on stage,  to see the characters from your imagination develop a life of their own.  And, inevitably, to see a production move beyond the script and grow with its characters.

This is the real joy of community arts;  that creative artists can successfully craft something that pleases an audience;  that performers can develop their craft further to make a project believable and provide an enjoyable arts experience to others;  and that members of the community can share the fruits of their creative community and ultimately be enriched in their heart and uplifted in their spirit.
If, along the journey, one is challenged or provoked in their thoughts or attitudes, then this can only be of benefit within our community of humankind.

There are some good points made in this show - with lots of humour.  Some tickets still available for the season which ends on Sunday.  Phone the theatre on 4929 4969.