Friday, December 3, 2010

Love the Skin you're in!

Now some of you may have guessed from the photo's on my various sites that I'm not, taut, and terrific.....well actually I AM terrific .... but the trim 'n taut bit,'s true!  I'm not!


And if I listened to the media, I'd get real sad about that .... depressed .... morose ....self-conscious.....uhm, embarrassed.....hmmmn.   Well reader, if you've ever seen me in live performance, you'll know that none of those descriptions apply.  I'm larger than life - and loving it!

But I'm fed up to here [pointing to the top of my wee short head] with the bombardment of 'lose weight' messages .....get the right shape, the right size, the right clothes, the right pigeonhole.  Well Bugger it - I won't!  I refuse to be shaped by popular tastes and stereotypes.

And I'm REAL ticked off with a society that tells our young people that they can't be loved, accepted, worthy, unless they fit that bloody pigeonhole!  Because that's nothing more than marketing hype to fuel a weight loss industry which is making millions ....currently $750million per annum in Australia....and a marketing machine that wants to sell squillions of beauty-based products.

Well you know what.....I like to know who somebody is under the skin ...and I'm surrounded and loved by beautiful people who love me for who I am ....and who I am has nothing to do with how I look.  In my mirror I'm beautiful.  [my mirror's not for sale by the way!]  I'm respected, admired, appreciated by people who matter [including me]....and that's ALL that matters.

so endeth the lesson.........

but the reason I've shared that with you is so that you'll know what's behind the song A Little Fresh Air 'n Exercise.   It's a send-up song.  Written during the time of my last relationship with a dear man who couldn't handle any more than 9 years with a wacky muso!  [and we are still friends]   He used to say "gawd, I love a woman with a big bum - y've got something to snuggle in to"

I think you'll enjoy the song .....and if you haven't heard it, it's now loaded up on my reverbnation site.  You can have a listen.  And you can buy the track if you like it.  Even make it your ring tone!

Oh, and its on the Many Shades of Blue Album - which won the national Trad&Now magazine award for best CD in Blues and Roots.  You can order that direct and we'll post it out.

Enjoy the listen ....and love yourself.