2021 update 

 Please note that Covid19 has effectively and permanently terminated the *Drench & Launders Annual Comedy Outing as well as the Annual *Soup Concerts

Until life returns to what we consider "NORMAL"  our comedy activities will be confined primarily to online videos.   If you head over to my Sidestep Comedy channel on  Youtube you will find vids of past comedy sketches used in various Reviews and stage productions over the past 10 years.  

Please SUBSCRIBE as new videos are constantly being created and uploaded ...including lots of brand new material.....becoming a subscriber means you won't miss out!  Here's the link;  Sidestep Comedy

For now, please enjoy the latest vid - which hasn't yet been loaded up to the channel - Pandemic Tango  featuring  one of our fav's ... Marise Wilson [a familiar face to many of you who have been to our theatre and cabaret productions] 


Annual Comedy Outing

Maureen O’Brien and Stevi Cannon are back as the irrepressible and irreverent DRENCH AND LAUNDERS  for their 2018 Comedy Outing.

Not to be confused with those outstanding British Comediennes Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders nor their long-running tv show French & Saunders, our local lady jesters are no amateurs when it comes to amateur theatre!
The duo have been performing together in a variety of productions – written and produced by O’Brien – for the past decade.

 Audiences can expect their comedy serving to be tasty with a hint of spice; zesty with a sting in the tail; often spontaneous; never bland; with subtle undertones and quirky overtones. No alcohol is used in the preparation.  Mostly. 
The Annual Outing combines comedic sketches and songs with a splash of video.  This year’s Outing includes a couple of surprise guests. [No, sorry, Dawn and Jen  couldn’t make it this year!]

2 performances only - 30th June / 1st July   


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