Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just a few weeks away from opening night for the new production Table Manners and we're excited!  
After a couple of BIG productions - in pure farce - it feels good to be getting back to an intimate and meatier project.  
A great Cast is doing a grand job, an album of new songs has been recorded and the discs are on their way, and our first Tech/Dress session is coming up this week.
Here's a potted summary of the show:
It's all happening at the Jazz Piano Bar and Restaurant where Jane is haranguing Cyril, Sydney is waiting yet again for another no-show, Flick is skulking with greedy intentions, Arthur can't figure out what day it is, and Jasmine is daydreaming over a charming Dane as she keeps the orders coming.  There's travel plans, and wedding plans, and secret development plans ....and many a slip twixt the cup 'n the lip!  There's daydreams, 'n sweet dreams, 'n fond recollections, and a nightmare or two for some! 
.....There's plenty of laughs to go around, some great songs to enjoy, and lots of food for thought.
Opening September 16 for a 2 weekend season - just 5 performances.  The Dungeon, Adamstown.
Tickets are available online at a generous discount: 

 Cast:  Karen Hall; Marise Wilson; Harold Von Finster; Grant Bailey; 
Cherie McKinnon