Thursday, March 6, 2014

Juggling Magic

Well all the balls are up in the air and I'm juggling as fast as I can!  With a number of community chorus groups in rehearsal, plus a swag of new gigs popping up, on top of the theatre projects I'm writing/directing, it's a frantic half year.  But you wouldn't have it any other way, would you?!  The creative life force is flowing stronger than ever: 

Last weekend saw the Drench and Launders show have its run and I'm pleased to report that it was a definite audience-pleaser!  It was a challenge writing a 2 hour/2woman all comedy show and it feels great to have faced the adventure and come out the other side.  Enjoyed being back on stage with the so-talented Stevi Cannon.  My brain is buzzing now with more skit and vid ideas.   Trying hard to rein it in while I complete the other projects in the pipeline.

Upstairz Downstairz is coming together beautifully - this is a wonderful cast, strong, talented, and they're nailing it!  Cast members are lamenting the fact that it's a small space production and are keen to see it move to a bigger stage.  This is something to consider for the second half of the year perhaps.  In the meantime, the script is working well, the costumes are coming together, and the laughs keep rolling! The songs chosen for this production are fitting in nicely, and the cast is delivering them beautifully with the help of some experienced musicians including Gary Roberts and Russ Redford.  Show opens April 5th at the Royal Exchange Salon Theatre in Bolton Street, Newcastle

Between the Lines begins rehearsing soon for its May season.  This production has been commissioned for some performances to open the new Cardiff Library by Lake Macquarie Council and the challenge will be to make it work in an actual library setting.  2 Cast members have been replaced and I'm excited to be working with 2 troupers from the Novocastrian Players.  {I also swiped a few of their troupe for Upstairz Downstairz but shhhhh don't blab!}  I'm also planning to add in an additional matinee in a new venue [for us] during the season.  Details are on the Between the Lines page.

Crazy: the life and music of Patsy Cline  this show has been commissioned for the Buttai Barn in May and is likely to also run in Newcastle in following months.   Patsy Cline was the most influential female country artist of her time and her music is still popular - continuing to influence young country artists - today.