Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stepping in to the new Season

Gosh I feel so blessed to be living this life in this city of Newcastle - surrounded by such talented musicians and artistic friends.  And this sense of gratitude is currently inspired by a couple of things -
  • we are into Autumn and I have friends who swim at the beach regularly, still enjoying 20degrees in the water.   
  • the middle of a crazy day, deciding to catch up with a friend at Merewether beach where the sun shone brightly, the water was the most amazing aquamarine, the kite surfers and paragliders were floating on the crisp offshore breeze, and people everywhere lingering in this paradise - on a mid-week working day!!! yeah!
  • Like .... extending that catch up to a 2 hour coffee while we chatted music music and more music!.   
  • Like....the excitement of forming a new duo with my friend the oh-so-talented Anousha Victoire  {keep your eyes and ears peeled for RUBY BLUE coming somewhere near you}who keeps introducing me to a raft of wonderful new songs and talented songwriters that I'd never heard of before!
So for those readers doing it tough at the moment, may your season pass soon.  And may I encourage you this way; 
 as I look back over a lifetime of tough seasons, where sometimes the going was so hard that I wanted to throw in the towel, where sometimes the future looked hopeless, and where in my WILDEST DREAMS I could not envisage the path I would take to bring me to this current season .... have courage and faith in your higher power to lead you to new directions.  Take the dolly steps you need to take, when you need to take them - but just TAKE them and don't give up.  Because the tough seasons don't last forever.

Here's a little vid clip I wanted to share with you - so you could enjoy Autumn in Newcastle too!