During lockdowns, Maureen has been busy with multiple creative projects including a new album and a bunch of videos.  PLUS....she has been converting the FIRST SEASON of Wireless Chronicles into a readable document.  She has 20 free copies to give away.  If you would like your copy, to while away an hour of laughs, email and request it now.  [postage is free in Australia - or email anywhere
IN 2020
 Finally!  the fourth and FINAL in the series..... I SPY ...set in the 1950s, the Cold War era....and it's coming in MARCH.......11th to 15th March ....various venues various times.... 
Hear the fabulous music of the 50s and some of the great stories of the era.  This was a time when our home-grown inventions, initiatives, and talent were about to make their mark on the world stage. A time when the new craze from the States - rock and roll - found its mark here. 
    And of course, our Live Radio Play - The Devious Digit of Destiny - comes to its wacky end.  Some new characters appear [hint: cold war, spies, russia] and we farewell one of the originals;  some new schemes emerge; some unexpected surprises; and some eccentric revelations! 
    FEATURING a cast of 000's!  well, not quite....   Maureen O'Brien, Stevi Cannon, Grant Bailey, John Dickeson, Amanda Broberg, David Benge, and guitarist/sound effects wizard Peter Sesselmann
Check the website for details:   Maureen  or email: 
IN 2019   
  • You can catch an Encore season of Series 2 at the beginning of May  - see clip below
  • SERIES 3 - ARMED & LANGUOROUS opens on May 31st  ... ... set in the 1940sAlthough WWII accounted for the first half of the 40's, our crooks found plenty of innovative ways to turn an illegal quid and as we move into the post-war era some new characters emerge to play both sides of the fence.  We traverse between parliament house, police headquarters, the Duck for Cover Club and flavour the antics with Fat Freddy's pie shops.  Don't miss this series where the antics get frantic.    MAY 31/JUNE 1/ JUNE 2 2019

IN 2018,  settle back and enjoy a series of "concert-cum-radio play" shows where the audience gets to be the live guests at a radio station in the 1920's, 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.
     Each show in the series will have a combination of songs/stories from the era plus the latest episodes of an ongoing radio spoof "The Fickle Finger ......" - all with a heavy dose of  quirky comedy, satire, send-ups, and mystery!
Series 1:   SPEAKEASY   ... set in the 1920s where Prohibition is the theme - complete with Gangsters, Coppers, and Tarts, skullduggery, and quite a bit of back-door dealing ... Saturday 3rd February 3pm  at The Dungeon, Adamstown
Series 2:   BOTTOMS UP ... set in 1930, the year following the Wall Street Crash and the world is experiencing the Great Depression. Prohibition has ended and the crooks need to find creative new ways to turn a quid and outwit the cops.     Friday 20th April/Teralba Community Hall  7.30pm ...Saturday 21st April/Royal Exchange Theatre, Newcastle 4pm ...Sunday 22nd April/The Dungeon, Adamstown 2pm ....  AN ENCORE PERFORMANCE WILL BE OFFERED IN THE SECOND HALF OF 2018 PRIOR TO OPENING SERIES 3.  

Series 3:  ARMED and LANGUOROUS set at the end of WWII
Series 4:  I SPY ....
set in the 1950s - the era of the Cold War
....more information to come ....stay tuned.....Subscribe to this Blog to get updates

In the meantime,  enjoy Episode ONE of Bottoms Up:
ENCORE Series 2 /May 3+5 2019  at the ReX Theatre, Newcastle

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