Monday, December 20, 2021

Greeting of the Season

 Well!  Here we are, we've made it to the end of another horrid year!  Together.

Congratulations!  Just surviving has been a significant achievement.

Tallying up the year's results hasn't been as awful as it might have been with the on-again-off-again covid restrictions, lockdowns, and cancellations;

I managed to complete this list:

  • Wrote and delivered a cabaret show at the ReX in February - the "Uh Oh Review"  with Stevi Cannon, Marise Wilson, and Kathleen Newman, 
  • A fundraiser in the first half of the year to support a young woman and her studies in Kenya via Robins Nest Children's Homes
  • A book launch soiree for Table Manners mid year [that's a great gift to give yourself if you haven't read it!  Published by Pegasus publishing {UK} , you can pick up a copy at most online bookstores or  order it in at your local library 
  • Wrote and released a new album of songs - with no money but the help of a great friend.  If you haven't got a copy of Whimsical yet, why not treat yourself in the New Year?
  • Wrote and recorded another single  "Cancellation Blues" and released on the music channel
  • Completed 7 new videos for the YouTube music channel  and 10 new videos for the Sidestep Comedy Channel.   If you haven't caught up on them, the holiday break is a great time to settle in for a watch:   music channel:  maureen's music channel    comedy channel: sidestep comedy
  • ...and by the end of the year will have set up another YouTube channel to tell the stories of some of the local creatives involved in the local Newcastle Arts community - in music, art, and theatre.  The story of John Rolf is ready to load up [and join a couple that were done last year. ]
  • There's also a schedule of comedy videos in progress and waiting to be filmed in the new year...

All in all, not bad for a non-performing, covid-restricted, creative waiting for life to return to normal!

 Normal?!?! what the heck's that?!?!

Merry Christmas everyone and have a healthy, safe, and Arts-filled 2022