Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Created vs Discovered

OOPS!  Running a bit late and we're ALREADY in November! Anyone else scrambling to catch up on all the things they'd planned to do in 2011?

If you're really efficient and have started your Christmas shopping, can I remind you that the gift of music lasts a heckova lot longer than a box of chocolates!  And you can get 5 albums here for $50 - cheap as chips!  Put your order in today.

I heard the tail end of an interview on ABC radio this morning [Conversations] with past prime minister Paul Keating and I just loved his philosophy on the Arts.  I know I'm not going to remember his exact words so forgive me if I paraphrase him ......"..music is the greatest of the Arts because music is not representational.....and  unlike science which is waiting to be discovered, music comes from being created....". He spoke of the importance of creativity in thinking and a direct quote: "A government which has no premium on the Arts is going nowhere".  That's great Big Picture thinking.

For those of us engaged  in Community Arts, we know - and we see - the value of the Arts in our micro-society, our community.  We see how music for example, connects people from all walks of life.  We see how music reaches out to the lonely and uplifts the spirit of the depressed.  We see how music motivates and inspires individuals around us. We see how integral music is to the community for any celebration.  It's not rocket science - but it's invaluable to our society.  Be nice if there was greater understanding of this at government and business level.

May your coming Christmas season be filled to the brim with the blessing of music.

  • NEW ALBUM   it's kinda in limbo at the moment - cos I ran out of dough to get it cut!! [ahh, the challenges of being a full time muso]  But it's already got a title ....."UnderCovered"...and the artwork is done [just being reshaped by a buddy to fit the boxes].  I know I promised last month to share more information about it in this Posting ....but I want to wait til I have some of the artwork ready to show you at the same time.  Have patience - it'll be worth the wait, I promise!