Thursday, March 24, 2016

It Takes a TEAM!

I'm in reflective mode this week as I bask in the success - and recover from the weight - of Thunderbelly: The Musical.
With a team of 25 Cast, Crew, and Musicians to manage, the project has been an enormous workload - for everyone.  And with a series of hurdles to overcome along the way, there were times when I wondered if we were ever gonna get to the end! If you've ever been involved in Community Theatre, you'll know exactly what I mean.  If you've ever Produced and Directed Community Theatre, you'll have your own 'war stories' to tell.
But now - at the end of the project - here's what I reckon is worth sharing;
  • to each one of you who was there for the final presentations after last performance - this was undoubtedly the best team I've ever worked with on a show. The way this final group bonded together was incredible.
  • A good team relies on each other....every single person has a job to do.....each member of the team supports and encourages the others....each person does the job they've been called to do.
  • Every member of the team brings their own unique skills and talents to the project ....each member has their strengths and their weaknesses.  The mark of an excellent team is that all contribute what they can - between us, the strengths and weaknesses are balanced out.
  • This team had incredible focus and commitment.  Combined with their generosity of spirit and their care for each other,  it's no wonder that it was an unbeatable TEAM.
The results are evident and speak for themselves.  You only had to be there to see it in action.
And that's WHY it's addictive and why we all go back for more.
It's called Community.

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