Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrate and Appreciate the Music of life

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without music? Or musicians?

You know, there are many disciplines which are essential to maintain our lives ....medicine, education, farming, et al. Vital Disciplines that take care of our Body and our Mind. But life -living - is MORE than just body and mind. Let's not forget that nourishment of our Spiritual essence is just as important.

In almost every significant moment of our life, there is music. We celebrate with music, we mourn with music, we get married with music and when we need solo time and space we comfort ourselves with music.

When we feel sad, we console ourselves with music. When we need motivation, we put on powerful, energetic music. When we make love, we use music to set the mood. At football matches, the music prepares us for the match. In every possible life situation, music speaks to our very soul. It uplifts, inspires, comforts, cheers, supports, and soothes us.

Music crosses all boundaries - generations, cultures, demographics, societies, gender, geographics. It is the universal language that speaks to the inner being of each and every one of us on this earth. It has the power to move all races - it has the power to change a society ....yet the gentleness to settle a disturbed infant.

Why then do we take it so much for granted?
Why then do we so often treat the musicians who make it - and those who create it - with such little regard?

Take a little time today to observe the music around you .....and to appreciate those who gave it to you.