Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Curtain UP!

6 months of solid work comes to fruition tomorrow night when "Money Honey" opens at the Theatre on Brunker.  From the first meeting with the committee, conceptual design, vetting the troupe, Scripting, Casting, music selection, choreography plans, then into a heavy rehearsal schedule, costuming, technical planning, and juggling the demands of such a large cast, it's been one hell of a journey.  "Hell" in parts, but mostly loads of fun and absolutely joyful.

This will be my first production where I haven't been on stage in one form or another so it's quite a unique experience for me!  As has been the realisation and acceptance that with such a large cast,  compromise is not only demanded, but inevitable. 

Some of the highlights and lowlights include:
  • the fascination of watching an experienced troupe - with diverse yet complimentary skills - work together as a team and create a 'smoothing' effect of the various strengths and weaknesses.
  • the joy of watching some of our "first-timers" discover and develop their abilities - and feeling blessed to have been able to contribute to that process
  • the hard job of having to critique others work in an endeavour to improve the performance standard - it's not easy for an artist to step outside the creative process and rein in others creativity
  • the frustration of having to juggle artistic ego's - it requires the wisdom of bloody Solomon!
  • for a Writer, the thrill of seeing your written words bought to life on stage by an experienced troupe
  • the pleasure of working with experienced musicians who understand that it's NOT all about the music!
All in all, it's been a project I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of, with a brilliant group of people - although  I won't be too sorry to get back to my own life at the end of the Season.    Oh, and a Sold Out 3 week Season at that!!  How good's that?!?!