Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Find Y' Mojo!

It was only a short tour but Holy Smoke! was just what I needed to get my mojo working again.

Here's what I learned I need to locate my zing, get my inspiration back, get excited again:
I stayed with muso's.  I played with muso's. I hung out with muso's. I met new audiences....and new audiences met and loved my music. Oh yes - I LOVE BRISBANE!  Some 22 hours of solo travel time - to and from, with just me and my thoughts. Hearing new bands and other songwriters. Just goes to show it's not quantity [or length of tour] that counts but quality [richness of the experience] That's my recipe and you're welcome to share it!

Here are just a few of the highlights of this little tour:
  • Making Magic at Redland Folk  - Sunday afternoon could only be described as magic when I invited a whole bunch of musicians I didn't know to play on various songs in the set.  Chrissy and Julie on single then duelling harmonica, Chuck on stunning guitar, Richard on Trombone, and of course those gorgeous harmonies from Mary and Anne.  Didn't the audience just love it?!   And didn't we?!! Just an extraordinary experience, sharing the passion of music
  • Discovering the gold nugget of Foco Nuevo - totally unexpected, totally different from what I'd anticipated.  Having Steele Chabeau turn up to play de-lovely Bass on my set with me - no charts, unknown songs, just cold play ....and he did he rock!!!!  Delightful audience.  Stunning music from Jumping Fences who were just soooo tight and polished.  A great set from the Toni Pollard Band [although just a tad long - and how the heck does she keep up that pace for so long?! impressive]
  • Staying with friends Chris and Peter - Pete is a songwriter and lovely guitarist who used to live in Newcastle.  Yakking our heads off about music music music....and then lending a hand to write a great set of lyrics to a brilliant melody of Peter's and turning out an excellent song!   My first successful collaboration. 
    Plus many more little joys and delights to add to the memory bank [and subsequently flavour some new songs with in the future].....and a couple of experiences that I plan to forget once I reach the point where I can laugh about 'em [like a crap last gig, getting lost driving to Ballina via Ipswich].

I returned home with my head absolutely stuffed full and buzzing with new ideas, new projects, and new enthusiasm.   Doesn't take much, does it?!