Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Game ON!

Opening November 14 for a 3 week season  UPSTAIRZ DOWNSTAIRZ Season 2 ....  Whatever you do don't miss it!  And if you were in the audience of Season 1, trust me, you won't be sorry to come back for a second bite!
This one's a big cast with a whole lot of new characters, some new scenes and a third act.  You'll meet  *The Gatekeeper   and the Man with the Horns;  Residents;  *Tilly Devine  *Slim Dusty  *Dame Nellie Melba {me me me miiii  dearie} *Lady Di  and *The Wright Brothers .....and extra's such as Squizzy Taylor along with the familiar UCEO, Madame Lash, and Sister Josephine.   Additionally,  some of the songs and many of the lines have changed.  There's a whole lot of laughs to be had and some enticing costumes and sets to please the eye [not to mention some of the characters IN those costumes!]
I'll introduce you to the Cast and some of the front and backstage folks in coming weeks - the people who work like beavers to give you a polished and entertaining experience.    Profits from this show are going to the little New Lambton South Public School - and that's where the Season will have its run.  No parking worries, no meters!
Tickets are available now - contact bookings@maureen.com.au with inquiries

BOOK EARLY for Opening night - ticket price includes a  Sinful Supper but ONLY for pre-booked/paid ticket holders

BOOK TICKETS HERE NOW:  www.ticketebo.com.au/upstairzdownstairz