Monday, March 15, 2010

Listen - Breathe - Feel

Wow! I can't believe how long it's been since I got back to my blog....and how easy it is for time to slip away. So thought it was a good time to share a little Peppermint Tea with my readers [if I've got any left!]

Sometimes life gets so busy doesn't it? Last weekend I slipped up to the Central West of NSW to play at Coolah - for the lovely locals and their 'Rockin' the Racecourse' festival - and at Barraba - in their stunning Playhouse Hotel. The Playhouse is a tribute to one man's dream....Andrew Sharp has converted an old run-down hotel into an oasis, a refuge for the weary soul, a space to let time slip by, re-connect with the inner you, and let the pace of life pass on by. At least for a little while. We played in the lovely courtyard instead of the purpose built theatre [yep! its true! actually IN the hotel] because it was such a beautiful day - too good to be inside! You can check it out for yourself at

Peppermint Tea was written during a tour of SE Queensland - an area I tour frequently because it loves and supports my music. The song brings back fond memories of chilling out on the steps of our accommodation by the river in Brisbane, with a dearly-loved friend, as we shared a morning herbal tea and listened to the harmony of nature and friendship. So it was appropriate to give it a run at The Playhouse as we listened to the sounds of the country amongst new friends. [I definitely felt rejuvenated after our visit]

Here's one of my favourite lines from the song:
....... feeling nothing's better than being alive
breathin' in and out as time's slippin' by
haven't any need to be wondering why.....

You can hear a sound sample at

and to get a free copy of the track via MP3...simply send me a message from the website telling me what the song brings to YOUR mind