Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well its been a busy enough week as I'm now working on the songs/music for the show. It's a different process writing songs to fit a story than it is writing from inspiration which is given free rein. I'ts hard to say which one is my favourite - I'm really happy with all of them. [mind you, I haven't finished the finale number yet!]

We'll be blocking at the theatre tomorrow night and the cast will meet the newest member - the young lass who is playing Gemma. [nope, still not letting you know who the cast is yet ....its under wraps until the end of this week when the promotional stuff starts] I'm delighted with the lineup tho'! There's a rich mixture of skills, talents, energy, enthusiasm.....I feel very blessed.

With just @ 5 weeks left to go, it's going to be a race against the clock but we're going to get there, I'm confident.

A very talent artist friend is coming on Friday to help me get the backdrop started and hopefully I'll have the musicians lineup completed by the end of the week. Do you like the illustration above?

The drawing was created by my very artistic and musically gifted buddy - David Baker. He took the 'between the lines' a step further and shows the woman behind the mask.

Between the Lines opens Sat 12th and Sun 13th at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 34-36 Bolton Street, Newcastle. Tickets are just $14pp and you can book on
4929 4969