Friday, August 27, 2021

Covid, Lockdowns, and more

 So, we're all more than a bit ticked off with ongoing lockdowns etc aren't we?  So you don't need to hear any more complaints about it! Right?!

So what to do when a Creative is bored, restless, restricted, et al?........well this one writes songs, releases a new album, makes videos, and devises creative boredom busters!!

If you haven't already,  go to the Comedy page on this Blog and check out Marise playing around with the Pandemic Tango - that was a lot of fun to do!  And we just managed to squeak that one in before another lockdown was declared.  But another 12 vides lined up for the Sidestep Comedy Channel ( here: Sidestep Comedy) have been put on hold 'til we're allowed out to play again!

This week I've busted the boredom and recorded a new song [home recording cos I can't get out to a studio!]  dedicated to my muso mates who know what it's like to experience that on-off gig economy!  The song's called the CANCELLATION BLUES  and here's the vid to go with it.  Hope it gives you a smile  [and a bit of insight into what it's like in the Arts trenches].    

Thursday, July 8, 2021


the new album releasing now ....

12 brand new tracks

1. The Pandemic Tango      

 2. Autumn Magic      

3. A Quirky Little Shop     

 4. Ride-On Mower

  5. Everyday Heroes  6. Speculation

  7. The Hairy Faerie   8. The Mask    

 9. In Crowd  10. Vintage Nans in Vintage Vans    11.Tradies   

 12.Blame  (Ballad of the Independant Woman)

Recorded at Sawyers Gully with Peter Sesselmann [Recording/Sound/Bass,Lead,Gypsy guitars]

 Listen to Pandemic Tango here: Maureen 

or check out the Pandemic Tango video on the COMEDY page of this blog


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Blocking the Writers Block!

 So we're just over 12 months along since the pandemic was declared and it's been a tough year for everyone - especially those who work in the Arts.

For me, not only did all my gigs, shows, choruses, concerts, music networks come to a grinding halt in March last year, so did my social networks, incomes, and creativity!  My inspiration, imagination, and artistic vision walked out in protest.  I was feeling pretty low until I discovered that I was in an enormous lifeboat with a world of artists - and Arts-related workers - all experiencing the same thing.

Fortunately, one of the Music Industry platforms  I belong to - an International group which supports independent artists -is  proactive in its approach.  Eventually it flicked a switch which resonated with me and I took up their "Songwriters Challenge"  in March this year. 

It worked.  I blocked the "Block" and now have a heap of new material I'm working on to produce another album mid year.   No CD's though anymore.  This album - still under wraps - is going to be produced on USB for easy download to your devices.

I'll be happy to share more about the new music in the next month or so ...stay tuned.  And if you haven't joined me yet on Facebook, I encourage you to send a friend request's where I'm most active with news, updates, and events.        #note tho'...I tend only to 'friend' people that I know, or have met.  So if we haven't met yet, leave a message with your request and here's your password to let me know you're a genuine friend:  Mozmate