Thursday, July 8, 2021


the new album releasing now ....

12 brand new tracks

1. The Pandemic Tango      

 2. Autumn Magic      

3. A Quirky Little Shop     

 4. Ride-On Mower

  5. Everyday Heroes  6. Speculation

  7. The Hairy Faerie   8. The Mask    

 9. In Crowd  10. Vintage Nans in Vintage Vans    11.Tradies   12.Blame

Recorded at Sawyers Gully with Peter Sesselmann [Recording/Sound/Bass,Lead,Gypsy guitars]

 Listen to Pandemic Tango here: Maureen


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Blocking the Writers Block!

 So we're just over 12 months along since the pandemic was declared and it's been a tough year for everyone - especially those who work in the Arts.

For me, not only did all my gigs, shows, choruses, concerts, music networks come to a grinding halt in March last year, so did my social networks, incomes, and creativity!  My inspiration, imagination, and artistic vision walked out in protest.  I was feeling pretty low until I discovered that I was in an enormous lifeboat with a world of artists - and Arts-related workers - all experiencing the same thing.

Fortunately, one of the Music Industry platforms  I belong to - an International group which supports independent artists -is  proactive in its approach.  Eventually it flicked a switch which resonated with me and I took up their "Songwriters Challenge"  in March this year. 

It worked.  I blocked the "Block" and now have a heap of new material I'm working on to produce another album mid year.   No CD's though anymore.  This album - still under wraps - is going to be produced on USB for easy download to your devices.

I'll be happy to share more about the new music in the next month or so ...stay tuned.  And if you haven't joined me yet on Facebook, I encourage you to send a friend request's where I'm most active with news, updates, and events.        #note tho'...I tend only to 'friend' people that I know, or have met.  So if we haven't met yet, leave a message with your request and here's your password to let me know you're a genuine friend:  Mozmate


Settle in with a good read

 If you haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, Table Manners is worth the effort.    

You can order your copy -      direct from the Publishers:    

or most online booksellers such as:    

or ask your local bookstore or library to order it in for you.

Below are just a few of the reviews that readers have written after finishing the novel;

  • .."it felt like a holiday by the seaside, I wanted to stay longer, to dine at la jazz, to walk in the bush, soak up the harbour...."
  • "...It was hard to put it down when I should have been doing things, in fact I often succumbed to what I call the "Just one more chapter" syndrome, which often developed into several more chapters."    
  • "What a little gem this delightful book is. Originally a stage production, Maureen O’Brien has transferred the story from stage to page beautifully. The characters are engaging and relatable. You find yourself reluctant to let go of the book as you are drawn to discover a little more of the goings on at La Jazz." 
  • "...Above all Table Manners is a tale of people becoming themselves and understanding what they need to do for both themselves and for their friends.  These are serious stories told with a humorous and light touch that will keep the reader enthralled to the end. An absolute delight, highly recommended.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Covoid Bounceback!

 After more than 12 months in the wastelands, accompanied by undelivered shows and concerts,  we're treading the boards once more in Newcastle.

With a small troupe - just 4 of us - we'll be delivering the UH! OH! REVIEW:  When the things you planned don't go to plan   ..... on  Saturday 20th February, 7.30pm  at the Royal Exchange Salon Theatre, Bolton Street Newcastle.   A ONE NIGHT ONLY  comedy review of songs, sketches, and confessional tales.

As Covoid restrictions are still with us, tickets are limited and the show is likely to be booked out.  We recommend that you get in early to secure a seat.    Online bookings can be made via   or phone the theatre direct - 4929 4969   [more information on the booking link too]



Saturday, February 29, 2020


Get ready for the 4th - and final - series of 
The Wireless Chronicles
A little rehearsal fun for I SPY

I SPY - opening 11-15 March. ##PRODUCTION DEFERRED DUE TO COVOID19 ...Stay Tuned

   The Wireless Chronicles  is an evening at the wireless - a Live Radio Play interspersed with the music and stories of the decade.

 There are 4 in the series - set in the 20s, through to the 50s.  Each episode comprises a Cast delivering the Radio Play  - The Devious Digit of Destiny – (aka the Fickle Finger of Fate) as if in a radio station, live.  Hence the episodes are ‘read’ and using props and sound effects to enhance the audience experience.
     I SPY is set in the 1950s,  the era of the Cold War -  a decade which saw the birth of rock and roll, and the arrival of television in Australia. 

    The Players for Series 4 are;  writer/producer Maureen O’Brien; Stevi Cannon; Grant Bailey; John Dickeson; Amanda Broberg; David Benge, and guitarist/sound effects wizard Peter Sesselmann. Maureen will share a plethora of anecdotes from the era and the cast will perform a selection of the great songs from the 50s.

   Devotee’s of the series will no doubt be waiting to hear the fate of the characters in the DDoD which is a wacky gangster-cum-spy farce that includes some riotous antics including a car chase... (yes! On live radio!)    .......

  4 shows only and booking is recommended for those performances which include catering and can be made on 0421 072 444  OR via


Friday, September 13, 2019



is another YouTube channel I've established to share many of the many many comedy pieces I've written over the years for various shows and reviews.  These are short clips - some have already been recorded and others will be filmed over coming months with various theatre friends.
The channel is a work in progress and I strongly encourage you to subscribe now to be notified when a new work is uploaded.  You never know WHO you're going find up there!

Subscribing is free and it simply means that when a new video or videos are loaded up on the channel, you'll automatically receive a brief notification.
I can guarantee that there'll be clips on this channel that you will never have seen before!  Even if you've been to every show or review I've produced over the past 15 years.

Go here to view:  YouTube laughs