Sunday, September 16, 2018

What a Trip!

  After an 8 1/2 month gestation, the new baby is about to be released!

JOURNEY - my newest album -    is being launched at the Lass O'Gowrie Hotel, 14 Railway Street, Wickham on   Sunday afternoon, 21st October, 2.30pm ....and you're invited to come along and join the party.   Entry is FREE.  your invitation is here: 

Journey  contains 6 Original tracks, a Traditional Irish song, and 3 early blues songs selected as a tribute to 3 of the great female blues artists of the 20s, 30s, 40s.

Four of the Original pieces are songs from my final theatre production "Ladies Who Almost Lunch" and all of the songs on the album have a place in my own journey of life.   The Trad Irish song - the Wexford Carol - is done as an acapella piece and multi-tracked for the harmonies.

Recorded at the Funky Lizard Studios,  master instrumentalist Robbie Long has once again surpassed himself in the engineering stakes and I'm thrilled with the flavours he bought to those songs on which he has played.  [with instruments:  Lead guitar, bass guitar, drums, dobro, and fretless bass].

Once more, Russ Redford has placed his stamp on the CD with his lovely blues harmonica.  And for the first time in nearly 20 years of playing together, Gary Roberts finally agreed to record with me.  Russ, Gary and I have been playing intermittently as a trio for over 15 years - we've traveled some miles and shared some memorable journeys.  The 3 tribute songs were recorded Live in Studio in just one take - which says it all about how comfortably we work together.

My favourite song on the album is "Precious Cargo" - the lyrics memories are the treasures, gathered on the journey of life - say that our memories are the precious cargo that we carry on our journey through life. Robbies instrumentation really brings that one to life, for me.   I'll be interested to hear which is YOUR favourite song.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Gone Skiing!

Well, that's rather a productive half year I've waved goodbye to as we begin the downhill run for 2018.  It's a right-handed wave tho - the left hand is nursing a broken arm! What a way to close off the financial year.....completing all of June's shows with a handicap!  it can only be uphill now for the downhill run [snigger]

If you've been keeping up to date with the Wireless Chronicles, I'll bet you're wondering where the heck I'm going to take Squiffy Naylor and his scrumpy gang next!!  But my lips are sealed - except to say that Series 3 is set in the late 40's and is title Armed and Languorous.   A whole lot more fun to come.  [Check the webpage on this blog to catch episode 1 of April's show]

The new album is almost finished in the studio and we're about to begin on the artwork - under the expertise of the very talented and artistic Gary Roberts .  As yet I don't have a title for the 10-track CD and if you've got a creative suggestion, I'd love to hear it.  This one has 6 Original tracks,  3 old classic blues numbers [a tribute to 3 of my favourite Black Female Blues artists],  and a traditional Irish hymn.  Join the mailing list if you'd like an invitation to the launch.

There's a swag of new music video's on my YouTube channel if you haven't dropped in there lately, why not check it out soon ...  ....There's a whole lot more planned - just need a few more hours in the day.

Oh,  and if you missed the Drench and Launders show in June/July - there's a couple of the fun videos on the page [this blog] for a few laughs.  Will add some more during the downhill run.

For now, I'm off to find my ski's!
happy daze

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Steaming Ahead

Holy Smoke!  or should that be Holy Steam from the locomotive that's been going full steam ahead since the year started!  I can't believe it's May already.

The second series of the Wireless Chronicles was an absolute hoot and I'll probably do an encore performance before series 3 happens later in the year so if you missed the opportunity to catch it in April, try again.  [There'll be a taste of No.#2 on the blog's page in the next couple of weeks - check back in again]

Currently I'm working on TWO recording projects, a new album of my own, plus a CD with Ruby Blue [the duo with Anousha Victoire ~Americana Roots music].  More on the album as it progresses closer to completion but once again I'm back in the Funky Lizard studio with the excellent skills of  Robbie Long.

Coming up next month is the Drench and Launders Comedy Outing with Stevi Cannon ...and a whole swag of new laughs to share.  And if you haven't been keeping tabs on my YouTube Channel,  then it might be time to check it out's the link:  ... there's a bunch of new video's up there including some you won't find on an album and some you may not have heard yet if you haven't been along to any of the theatre productions.

and last but not in the very least,  there'll be some encore concerts coming up in the second half of the year - in particular the Carole/Carly/Joni story which gained such great feedback when the re-vamped show was run early last year. 

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

End of an Era

As this month draws to a close, so does the end of an era.   
After 5 years in the world of [Mainstream] traditional musical theatre, I’ve opted to hang up my Theatre Cloak.  If you've been along to see all or some of the productions, I thank you very much.  If you didn't make it, then here's the lesson - value what you've got while you've got it because when it's gone, it's gone!  

 Whilst it’s been an absolute HOOT! - and I’ve met and worked with some oh-so-very-talented-people – it’s an all-consuming activity during the long months of a  production.  Such heavy commitments take a toll – both physically and in terms of other creative projects which have to be put on hold during the production process.

I’ll continue to write of course .... and plan to do a few hybrid shows next year – along the lines of the Speakeasy which ran in December and January.  And some of my stories may well turn up in book form in the future. But there are other mediums which could well provide a suitable vehicle – especially for my comedy work. 
 Stay Tuned!

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In the meantime - a few classic quotes/lyrics from the past 5 years:-

  • From Wallycom 2017:   "...She’ll never last that one! Y’gotta have a hide like a rhino – and the habit of a wino – to do that job...."
  • From Ladies Who Almost Lunch 2017: "....So Down the Hatch to choices made, and up yer arse to hopes betrayed...the cards were stacked and all were played, and life is nothing more...than a masquerade ...anyway..."
  •  From  Table Manners 2016: “...tight schedule!? She’s wound up tighter than a size 10 Gstring on a size 20 body.  Y’ don’t wanna be around when THAT string snaps, she’ll be richocheting from Honeysuckle to Cessnock! AND she’s got the table manners of a feral rabbit!” 
  •  From Thunderbelly 2016:   
           "Life they say is very strange...‘n history shows things never change  
              we need new shoes, the rent is due,  ...    so what’s a working girl to do"
  • From Upstairz Downstairz V2 2015 “ Aw, you lot dunno when you’ve got it good!  Try being a muso!  everyone wants it for nothing ...Or they wanna pay you in food and drink...and y’outta Try street busking – then you’ll know what tough is!  miserable bastards toss in 20cents" "20cents?!?!  You lucky bastard – last time I went busking I got a skinful of cocktails chundered into me hat!”
  • From Upstairz Downstairz V1 2014 “A bloke -  or a Sheila – should stand by their mates through thick and thin, be True Blue and Fair Dinkum, even when they’re wearing thongs and stubbies....or in the case of a Sunday barbie, even if they’re drinking beer from stubbies and wearing thongs for either case neither is as attractive as it sounds”!"
  • From Between the Lines 2013/2014/2015  And here I am looking at Mr Potter, his bulging muscles succumbed to gravity and ended up as a pot-belly hanging over the top of his long brown shorts…..thrilling me no end with an expanse of skinny, hairy legs all the way down to his sandals and mis-matched socks. True , his body IS glistening with sweat – but believe me it’s not a pretty sight.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Rare Bird

Conformity is not a flavour that I am on speaking terms with.

Although there have been many times in my life where I've had to "toe the line" ,  mostly I find a way to rebel against the chains.

Don't put me in a box....or expect me to do/say what you think I should.  Cos I'm compelled then  to shake people and things out of their complacency.  I have an urge to encourage others to use their "thinking bits" and see life and issues from different perspectives.

Some people might call this "contrary".... like  "oh she's such a contrary bitch!" ....or  "opinionated" .... like  "oh she's too bloody opinionated for her own damned good" .....
I say ....... BRING IT ON!
I'm a songwriter  -  it's all grist to the mill!

Here's a rare opportunity to hear the stories behind the songs ....
Sunday 17th  @ The Dungeon  2pm  
 Tix at the door

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Despite succumbing to the evil flu which is running rampant in this region currently,  the show must go on ...and there are 2 events this month definitely worth coming out for:

Sat 9th Sept 
"The Voice of Spring"

 The annual chorus fundraiser is a delightful way to spend a Spring Afternoon.   With some lovely songs from the choristers, some fun games and a stack of prizes to win {including a 2 night B&B stay at Merewether, and $150 worth of Art Classes from wonderful artist Stephen James},  a short comedy spot with Rob Byrne, and a scrumptious afternoon tea....why WOULDN'T you want to be there.   Tickets at the door $20 [or purchase in advance to go in a bonus draw]  2pm

Sunday 17th September 2pm
"The ORIGINAL Ms O' ..." 

.........finally, after too long a wait, I'm doing a dedicated Originals gig in my home town. 

 Because I've been so involved in writing and directing for mainstream theatre over the past 5 years, people who know me as a songwriter have asked me if I've stopped writing.  Nothing could be further from the truth though!  A lot of my new works over the past years have been written to fit the shows....some have been recorded.....some have been performed in my commercial gigs.....many have only ever been heard by show audiences.  And if you're not a theatre-goer, will not have heard 5 years worth of great songs!

And people who have joined my mailing list via the theatre productions, will not know my work as a songwriter {because in the productions, the songs are simply considered part of the script}. 
So as my theatre work is coming to the end of its life-cycle, it's time to get back to the work I love most - and do best.
This gig will deliver some old favourites and some of the beautiful [or fun] new pieces from recent years.  with musicians Aaron Hipwell and Russ Redford plus guest musicians/artists.
Show time is at 2pm - at The Dungeon, Glebe Rd Adamstown.  Tickets are $20pp and include light refreshments ...but feel free to book a table, bring some friends, and your favourite tipple!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Slalom Run

  Now into the second half of a BIG year, it's gathering speed for the downhill run!
Despite a VERY wobbly opening, the Wallycom gremlins were purged and the team delivered a great entertainment experience to our audiences.  It seems though, that the technological demons are extracting their revenge this week by creating chaos in all my gadgets ...computers/printers/phones/ etc!  sigh!

Coming Up Next

  •  ...AUGUST:   Blues for the Blues - at Souths, Merewether on Sunday 20th 2pm - an afternoon of classic Blues with profits being donated to HEADSPACE {youth mental health organisation}  Tickets $20 at the door
  • ...SEPTEMBER:  Sat 9th - The Voice of Spring -annual concert with my combined chorus groups - a fundraiser for LIFELINE.  This event has been running for a few years now and guests thoroughly enjoy the relaxed afternoon of music, games & quizzes, and a generous prize pool.... not to mention the delicious afternoon tea. The laughs are free. Tickets $20pp must be purchased in advance - direct from any of the choristers or by contacting Maureen
  • ...SEPTEMBER:  Sun 16th 2pm - The Original Ms O - at The Dungeon, Glebe Rd Adamstown.  An all-originals gig showcasing the plethora of new works over the past 5 years and some old favourites.  With guest musicians/singers.
  • ...OCTOBER:  the final theatre piece for the year - Ladies Who Almost Lunch  - a comedy/drama with original music.  6 performances over the last 2 weekends.  Check details on the Theatre page which will be updated progressively

From November it will be time for a long and well-earned rest break ....and time to catch up with my social life!