Sunday, July 3, 2011


Holy Smoke!  So much is happening that I forgot all about my own personal blog!   rhagataggach!!  So I'm just going to share the scorecard in this post....and reflect a little on human nature and the music industry while I'm here.

  • The new album made brilliant and rapid progress to start but has now stalled - waiting for another studio date.  Hopefully Rob can fit me in before the end of July.  About 75% of the tracks are done but I had to find a young woman's voice to sing "Gemma's Song" and it looks like Kate Lightening McLean-Hamilton is going to do the job.  She has a lovely distinctive sound which should fit the song well.  Some additional instrument tracks need to go down and Rob Long will do most of those.  And there's another couple of vocal lines to go down including Mike Gray's voice on a Spiritual Round.
  • The morning Seniors Shows at the RX Theatre in Newcastle haven't sold which is disappointing but we're hoping that we'll at least fill the last Tuesday in July.  
  • The fundraiser for Folk in Broke was a great night that everyone enjoyed ....however it was poorly supported by the local community and raised less than half of the hoped-for $s
  • The Savoy Supper Club opens in just over a week and fingers crossed that it gets the support it deserves.  I'm thrilled with the artist response and the acts coming in to perform.  You can find out more  at Savoy Supper Club   It's on trial for just 6 months on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and I'll review it at the end of the trial.
  • I've just formed a chorus group to give new singers an opportunity to build their skills and showcase their talent at some upcoming concerts.  Their first performance will be at the SOUP! concert in August.
  • I'm beavering away on the 5th Folk in Broke music festival and the program is shaping up beautifully.  Got lots of new faces appearing this year and some great activities lined up to fit the theme.  You can read more about this on the blog at     
  • The annual SOUP! Concert will be a hoot this year ...I'm really excited by the range of performers joining us at this one....expect surprises as always!! {more at }
  • And finally, the other major project {not enough room to fit in all the minor ones!} is a fundraiser for Heart Magazine and will be a Women Upfront Concert on 24th September.  Again, the lineup of women performers is wonderful.....musicians, dancers, storytellers, poets, songwriters, singers.  Wow, there's so much talent around.
  • The older I get the more surprised I am by the quirks of human nature.  And I'm grateful everyday for the energy and the enthusiasm which drives me forward. 
  • why are there more 'devils advocate/s' around than there are enthusiastic people willing to celebrate the journey more than the results?  Some people immediately put their hand up and say Good Idea - can I play too?!  While others want to give you at least 10 reasons why what you're proposing won't work - you're wasting your time.   Such negativity is soooooo hard work!!  Life is SO much more enjoyable when you meet it with positivity and enthusiasm.  
  • I've long divided the music industry into Street Musicians and Elite Musicians  {and if you're a muso you'll understand the difference} .... but there are some interesting facets of the industry that falls into both or neither categories;   all musicians complain there's not enough work, not enough good quality venue's, not enough recognition and value for the skills and the contribution of musicians;  most musicians complain because audiences won't come out and support their shows.  Yet the number of musicians who simply can't be bothered supporting other musicians is staggering.  "what's wrong with this picture?!?!?!"
  • I've come to the conclusion that musicians generally are driven by either:  money;  ego; or passion.   In my experience - 1. independent musicians are the most passionate - they're ALL about the music, the money comes second  2, there is no direct correlation between talent and ego!  3. the majority of musicians I've ever met are the most generous, compassionate, and caring individuals you could wish to meet  {there are exceptions to this rule!!!#!!%!*!!!!}
  • I've come to the realisation that the Industry 1. doesn't care about the music or musicians  2 does care about how much money they can make and how far they can exploit musicians  3 has absolutely no comprehension of the role musicians and music play in community and society well-being  4 has absolutely no understanding of the hours and years of work and study a musician puts in to develop their craft   5 truly believes that a musician should be grateful for the privilege of entertaining their paying patrons in return for a meal  [!?#  and who pays the musicians rent, fuel, heating, et al?!??]
That's it......BIG BLOG!!......and now - - - back to the music room!