Monday, June 3, 2013

After Show Glow

Still coming down from the extraordinary experience of Money Honey - a 3-week Season, sold out before it opened, oversubscribed, wonderful review, sensational audience feedback - a WINNER!!  And it had a winning formula from the beginning - a good script, creative Direction, productive rehearsals, an excellent music director, a talented cast, and dedicated, committed teamwork.

All up, 9 months work for me 4 months of solid rehearsals for the cast ....and it was worth every moment.   This troupe - The Novocastrian Players - are truly unique in the world of theatre.   They're a tight-knit group that supports each other, they work hard, they honour their commitments and their audience/s,  and oh my oh my do they know how to play and party!!  Mostly tho', they are all simply passionate about amateur theatre.
Every show is different - it has it's own's own dynamic.  I can't imagine ever doing another show that would have the same buzz that this one has had. It's been such an enjoyable - albeit challenging - project. Can't wait for the next one with this troupe!   Here's some pics you might enjoy.