Monday, December 5, 2011

Musically Yours and Happy Christmas

Whew, what a year it's been and the load isn't quite lifted yet.  One more show to do this week, a last Supper Club to organise next week and then....only then....can I think about Christmas shopping, a tree, and catching up on some sleep!  Have you checked out the other pages on this blog lately?  There's been some updates that you might want to read about...and there'll be more in January.

Sorry, no artwork to share for UnderCovered yet ....fingers crossed it'll be in the next posting here.  For a recording project that got completed in record time, [no pun intended!] the finished product is taking more than its fair share of time....quite the reverse of previous projects I might add.  But there you go,  sometimes things just take the time they take to get their wings.

December will see a few 'closing doors' for me as I extricate myself from a number of engagements but I'm excited about what might eventuate next year.  I'm disinclined to seek commercial gig opportunities and much prefer to concentrate on fewer, quality, intimate performances for audiences that appreciate my music and the music I like to share.  Next month, I'll tell you about some of those that I've got in mind for 2012.

I've also really enjoyed helping so many people find their voices this year - or re-connect with their voices and want to do more of that next year.  Music is such a beautiful thing to share with someone else. It can form the basis and memories of lasting friendships .....{big hugs to you Jules!}....and connects people in ways that nothing else can.

My wish for YOU that you find the song in your heart this Christmas and that you share it with those around you throughout 2012.

PS.......give the gift of music this Christmas - it lasts a lot longer than a box of chokkies and there's no calories.   Buy Luminous with Ebb&Flow and Many Shades of Blue for just $50 and get a free copy of Breaking the Habit.....[that's $80 value]