Friday, July 8, 2016

Soup's up

As I'm head down-tail up getting ready for this year's SOUP! event, I'm reflecting on the fact that this is the tenth year of the annual winter event.
Where the heck did that decade go?!?!?
And I'm thinking of all the people that have participated in SOUP! over the years .... some have gone on to bigger and better, some have plateau'd, and some have faded into obscurity.  Bit like the rest of life really.
And how adventurous we were with SOUP! in some years - especially when we moved from the Teralba hall into the quaint and charming ReX theatre in Bolton Street.  How tiny is that stage?!  Yet we managed to get dance troupe's, circus performers, theatre sets, and full bands accommodated for some zany nights. 
The city logistics have forced a move to The Dungeon this year and who knows what the next 10 years [if there IS another decade of life left in SOUP!] will bring to the event.  But omigosh.... 'the
little event that could' has certainly grown legs!  And it's walking through it's community - as a true community music event should.

{check the SOUP! page on this blog for details}