Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finding the right fit

Wow, the last couple of weeks have flown by in a flash! 

Loads of gigs, creative projects, and adventures have been immensely enjoyed - even the one where the gear and the muso's got soaked in a monsoonal downpour that lasted @ 3 minutes!  This year's St Pat's show/s worked a treat with some fabulous support musicians guesting in the spots.   Whilst the International Women's Day event was packed to the brim and very thoroughly celebrated in Newcastle this year.

In the middle of all the zing, an audience member who knew me from my corporate days said to me " .....I can't believe it - you've just bloomed since you left all the stuff you didn't need, behind.....".  And it's true....for too many years I lived a successful life that was a perfect fit - for someone else!

Now, as a fully fledged, paid-my-dues member of the Arts Community, I've found my perfect fit....and the joy comes not just from doing it, but from sharing it.   Sharing the joy of music;  sharing knowledge and skills with fellow artists that don't have the same skills set;  sharing the joint thrills and spills of performing, with others who are still learning their craft; sharing that incredible sense of being part of the inner-circle - performing artists whose natural environment is the stage and its behind-the-curtain sandpit.
Because when you finally figure out where you belong ....not where someone else, or society, thinks you belong ....the natural order and rhythm of YOUR life, beating to your own heartbeat, brings you to an incredible place of peace and contentment that sustains you no matter what is happening in the world around you.
My wish for you today is that YOU, too, can find the heart of your centre....the place where you find your own perfect fit.
{and to help you meditate over your belonging space, why don't you sip a little Peppermint Tea with me?   Here:   Peppermint Tea}