Thursday, October 28, 2021

Gettin' Outta the house!

 Well that last lockdown was a stinker!  A schedule of 12 videos to film for the Sidestep Comedy channel - Troupers with their costumes and props lined up ready to go - and all cancelled overnight!   Frustrated?  just a little!!  

But everyone's got a story, haven't they?  Let's just keep fingers crossed that we can all move forward from here and find a new normal.

So if you haven't subscribed yet, let me encourage you to do so now at Sidestep Comedy   where you'll also find a new comedy track playing.

Coming up on the channel:

  • Retirement Bliss; the breakfast scene from Table Manners [the stage production - and the novel]  featuring Grant Bailey and Marise Wilson
  • the Wallycom clips {2};  featuring Jenni Hayes from the stage production
  • the Thunderbelly clips {2}; featuring Grant Bailey and John Rolph from the stage production
  • Briar and Rose; a murder investigation featuring Shaun Evans and Kathryn Russell
  • Infidelity: not what you might expect! featuring Marise Wilson and Maureen O'
  • Working Girl; with original song from the Thunderbelly production, featuring Kathryn Russell and Lenore Parker
  • Storybook Corner; another fractured fairy tale featuring the 3 blind mice
  • ...........and more still under wraps

For the time being, if you haven't spotted it yet, there's a new track up on the music channel - Wise Woman - from the Undercovered album.  Check it out here:   Wise Woman

At this stage there are no live gigs in the pipeline although I may opt to re-introduce the Sunday Soiree program in December.  2022 may be a tad kinder to Musicians and Live Gigs.  Let's hope so.

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