Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Rare Bird

Conformity is not a flavour that I am on speaking terms with.

Although there have been many times in my life where I've had to "toe the line" ,  mostly I find a way to rebel against the chains.

Don't put me in a box....or expect me to do/say what you think I should.  Cos I'm compelled then  to shake people and things out of their complacency.  I have an urge to encourage others to use their "thinking bits" and see life and issues from different perspectives.

Some people might call this "contrary".... like  "oh she's such a contrary bitch!" ....or  "opinionated" .... like  "oh she's too bloody opinionated for her own damned good" .....
I say ....... BRING IT ON!
I'm a songwriter  -  it's all grist to the mill!

Here's a rare opportunity to hear the stories behind the songs ....
Sunday 17th  @ The Dungeon  2pm  
 Tix at the door

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