Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"BETWEEN THE LINES" - Episode 22

Ooh, Helen's piece fitted rather nicely into Gemma's opening soliloquy - with minimal adjustment - and easier than I anticipated. Sweet!

Tonight I've been doing some editing in the last 3 Acts - and of course, I recognise that as simply a rather clumsy avoidance tactic! can't fool me! Because I'm scrambling for inspiration to complete the last 3 scenes. Guess it's gonna be a mad dash to the finish! maybe a decent nights kip will stimulate the creative juices?

I have to admit, that I'm not absolutely confident now that I've hit the right plot line for Dorian and her tale beneath the story. Whether that's just self-doubt creeping in or whether its instinct sending me a warning shot across the bow - I've yet to decide. Perhaps its a case of seeing such a clear and strong direction for the other characters, that Dorian's isn't cutting it as sharply as it could? Hmm, wish I had a writing partner sometimes to bounce things off!

Oh well, I haven't so I'm gonna have to sort it out myself for now. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will be more productive.

Tune in tomorrow......same nest, same hen house .... this is a daily blog to help me maintain focus and momentum - the script for this show needs to completed before the 3rd May. Constructive ideas and comments are welcome

Between the Lines opens on 12/13 June at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Newcastle

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