Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"BETWEEN THE LINES" - Episode 21

Back again after a badly needed but dreadfully misused break...and sad to say I have come back with nothing to contribute to the script! Fortunately, my friend Helen - also a writer, and a darn clever one too - had some ideas for Gemma that she has passed along for me to consider. THANKS HELEN! Although I suspect that you, too, enjoyed a somewhat misspent weekend? huummm?

Because Gemma's character has changed a bit, the piece won't fit neatly into the dialogue as it is ....but I really like what you've put together. So I'll edit the copy - minimally to fit the re-shaped Gemma - and shoot it back to you for approval ...hope that's ok with you?

But time is - not ticking, not marching - absolutely bolting away and I realise I have just 6 days left to complete the script ready for the first cast meeting. Uh Oh, gotta get cracking. When last I looked, Sheri was the final character to reveal the underlying aspect which demonstrates the link that connects them all. So now the task is to bring it together, fit the final pieces in place, and bring it to the conclusion I want.

should be easy enough, yes? [huh, what do they say about best laid plans 'n all?] I'll let you know tomorrow! oh, and there's a casting call out for the role of Gemma so if you know anyone in the Newcastle area who'd like to jump on board and give it a go, let me know

Tune in tomorrow
......same dot on the dial.... this is a daily blog to help me maintain focus and momentum - the script for this show needs to completed before the 3rd May. Constructive ideas and comments are welcome

Between the Lines opens on 12/13 June at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Newcastle

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