Sunday, August 23, 2009

There are many shades of blue

Here in Australia we are fortunate to enjoy a pretty wonderful lifestyle. So Aussies are not always terribly tolerant of people who have "The Blues". But depression - in its many forms - can be such a debilitating illness. It can be a silent stalker - sneaking up on you when you aren't expecting it. And it can be deadly if left untreated.

That was the primary inspiration behind the song Many Shades of Blue - which is also the title track from my second album. The title came from a throwaway line in a conversation with my, then, music partner as we disagreed about what constituted a Blues song vs a Jazz song. I ended the conversation with "well, Gregg, there are MANY shades of blue!" and the thought followed that there are many reasons why people get "the blues".

Whether its a case of major life trauma, money worries, relationship problems, life/balance stress, or work issues.....whether they last a day, a month, or a lifetime.....the simple fact is when you've got the blues, you've just GOT the blues!

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The Question is - "What do you say to someone who has The Blues?"


  1. Hey Maureen,

    Great post. Depression is a serious illness and not a simple state of mind and that's what most people don't understand. I've had two major debilitating depression episodes and I can tell you I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.
    Anyway, every situation has a positive side, even if it's not that clear, especially if the pain is too much to handle. Depression changed my life and made it very unconventional :). I learned to enjoy the simple things in life. I developed my creativity in ways I never thought possible. I searched everywhere for answers and found a lot of amazing people and many different ways to see the world. It made me what I am today. I still have a lot to do to be a better person, but I'm on my way.

    So, to all of those who have the blues, darker or lighter blues, don't give up! By all means get treated and also look within yourselves and all around. It will go away!

    Music is a wonderfull tool for everyone's peace of mind.. All the best to you Maureen!


  2. Hey Maureen,

    Write about it, sing about it, cry about it then join One Voice at BraveHeart Women ((smile))

    With a Song in My Heart,

    Kathy Bibby