Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi There,
this is my first blog ...the first of many I anticipate....and I hope you'll like what you hear and swing by again, soon.

I'm passionate about Life in general and about Music in particular. I'm passionate to write music...passionate to play/perform music...and passionate to support live music because I have a passionate fear that live music may just die out and be replaced by the canned variety.

now wouldn't that be just tragic?!

because music is such an integral part of our life. It's there when we're being christened - or welcomed into the world. It's there when we get married. It's there when we're getting buried - or farewell ed out of this world! And along the way, it's there when we have a party to celebrate anything in our life, when we go to praise our god, when we go out to party or simply socialise. It's there to make any event, any celebration, any function

and it DOES. Why? because music touches us emotionally, it stirs memories, it uplifts our spirit, it inspires and motivates us, and simply creates joy within us.

for those of us who have been blessed with the gift of being able to make and share music with others, there is a responsibility attached. For those with different gifts, your responsibility is to appreciate and value the gift of music.

because without music in our lives, the world would be very grey. And without musicians to make that music, our world would be impoverished. And without the writers and composers to make new music, our world would become very stale.

May I encourage YOU to become newly aware of the role music plays, and has played, in your life ....and find a new appreciation of this blessed gift.

Let me invite you to listen to my music on http:/ or ... if there's a particular song you like, please let me know. In coming blogs I'll be sharing some lyrics and the inspiration behind my songs

In the meantime, live Luminously.....with passion!


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  2. Hi Maureen, what a long time it has been. I share your passion for music and can't imagine a day in my life when it isn't there either through my work or simply wafting through the house day and night. Now we have a little girl ( I try to have a great variety of music playing from classical and opera through to folk and indie. I grew up with a huge diversity of music in my childhood and I am grateful for the exposure and experince so I now may enjoy a wide range of performances whenever I can.
    Keep the dream alive
    Lots of love