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9.  Journey - 10 tracks...6 Original pieces [4 from the stage musical Ladies Who Almost Lunch] + 3 Classic Blues [a tribute to three of the early female blues artists] + 1 traditional Irish Christmas Hymn.  A recognition album identifying some of the travels along the journey of life. Tracks:  1.I'll Drink to That  2. 2am  3.Parenthood  4. It'll Be Alright  5. Precious Cargo  6. The Dating Game  7. I'd Rather Be Blind  8. Woman be Wise  9. Tain't Nobody's Business  10. The Wexford Carol

8. [unpublished, Ladies Who Lunch] -yup, there's a story!

7. Table Manners  released 2016  -  music/songs composed for the theatre production of the same name.  The songs tell part of the story in the 2-Act play - a comi/drama based around a series of characters who meet, interact, discover, and reveal their stories at a local cafe in a seaside village  Tracks:  1.Guests at the Table  2. Saturday Morning  3. Nothing like a Husband 4.Who am I   5.One of these Days    6.Alzheimer's Tango 7 Deep Waters 8. Lovers Duet  9. Mean Mother 10. Long Journey

6. UnderCovered released 2012  ...      an eclectic mix of material ranging from comedy to Mozart. Described as a quietly understated   homecoming, this album blurs the boundaries between blues/jazz/contemporary folk/ folk-rock /ballads and blends melodies, lyrics, and tempo into an eclectic fusion of listening pleasure.  
 Tracks:  1.Day is Done 2. Play 3. Wise Women 4. Carrying Burdens 5. Fancy That 6. Grey Day in Melbourne 7. Wanna Be 8. All Dressed Up 9. That's how it goes  10. Cover y'er load  11. Enigma  12.Blessing {Dona Nobis}

5.  Ebb & Flow released 2008   ... has been picked up by a number of additional community radio stations for regular airplay It can best be described as a blend of Jazz/SoftRock/Blues and is an all-originals recording,   Tracks:  1 Indigo 2. Chameleon 3. The Best Me 4. On the Wave 5. Tuesday 6. Only a Breath 7. Peppermint Tea 8. it Ain't Love 9. Nothing to Prove



4.  Borderless released Sept 2007   .....The Borderless project was created specifically for the Turning Wave Festival.  It has 5 songs - 4 originals and one Traditional which has been given a contemporary arrangement.   It was written to fit a performance workshop which explores the link between Irish/Australian settlement from a woman’s perspective.    Tracks:  1 Patches 2. The Ballad of Miss Pitty 3. Rockin' the Boat 4. Shoulder to Shoulder 5. Skye Boat Song


3.  Luminous released Jan 2007   ...received airplay nationally and in France.  It was selected as the AMRAP Community Radio Satellite Network’s “Album of the Month”. It is a predominantly Jazz-with-Blues recording with lots of orchestral sounds.           Tracks:  1. Dancing in the Light 2. Cloudburst  3. Going Back 4. Are you going my Way 5.Take me as I am  6. The Aura of You 7. Don't Talk me Down 8. Dragon Slayer 9. Black is the Colour 10. Big A Attitude 11. You're Gonna love me when I'm Gone


2.  Many Shades of Blue released 2005  ...won the 2006 Trad & Now Magazine’s annual award “BEST CD in the Blues & Roots genre”  {“Trad & Now” is the Australian/NewZealand No.1 magazine for Folk/Blues & Roots}.  A predominantly Blues-with-Folk influences recording and includes  a number of hunourous songs.  All original songs.          Tracks:  1.Grandma Boogie 2. Many Shades of Blue 3. Wrong Way Woman 4. Magpies 5. A Little Fresh Air 'n Exercise   6. Mothers Lament  7.Methodist Boys 8. Big White Women Blues 9. Blood on the Walk


1.  Breaking the Habit#  released 1999 ...    A joint project with my A’capella trio Glass Slipper.   Mostly original works with one Traditional song and one cover.  This is very much a “woman’s” album and will appeal to the heart of mothers.   *warning - a broad mind and a good sense of humour is necessary to appreciate this album!        Tracks:  1.  I Wish  2. Not Welcome no More 3. Catholic Girls 4. Walking on the Edge 5. Old Woman 6. Waly Waly 7. Wind Dancer 8. Brave Woman 9. Life in this Old Broad Yet 10. joy of Life

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